Digitalization offers many new opportunities for development and can contribute strongly to the progress of an organization.

Our activity aims to be part of this change, by identifying the areas and organizations where digitalization can have the greatest impact.

Our approach involves a complex process of communication with our customers. This helps us gain a precise understanding of the ways in which digitalization can be applied in their field of activity. Subsequently, the requirements we identify are translated through technical design into documentation and development requirements. Our applications are developed according to the resulted technical specifications and, afterwards, undergo a complex process of testing and optimization before being launched.

A collaboration with Arhisoft goes beyond software development. Our services include technical support and maintenance for the applications we develop, as well as a continuous process of updating and optimization that reflects our customers’ requests, the latest trends in their area of activity, and the newest system upgrades available.

Ce facem
Ce facem


Arhisoft was founded in 2013 out of a strong passion for technology and innovation. We believe that streamlining and transparent processes within an organization, public or private, are essential for an innovation-oriented society that is geared to the needs of the citizen.

We are the first Romanian organization to create a software concept designed specifically for developing, implementing and monitoring the Internal Control Management System in public entities, e-S.C.I.M. (https://e-scim.ro/).

So far, e-S.C.I.M has been implemented by over 250 enterprises and it is the most complex software product on the Romanian market in the Internal Control Management System niche.

Furthermore, another application recently developed by our company is Scriptica. This software solution allows a more efficient interinstitutional and interdepartmental collaboration and, very importantly, enables third-parties to access information and documents that are of interest to them. This way, Scriptica automatises the processes that pertain to the interactions between companies, their beneficiaries and collaborators.

Arhisoft stands for

  1. Efficiency, effectiveness and performance
  2. Innovation and professionalism
  3. Flexibility and dynamism

Arhisoft means

Efficiency and performance

Innovation and professionalism

Flexibility and dynamism

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