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Our applications are complex software solutions designed to make activities more efficient. Arhisoft applications optimize processes within an organization's departments through a strategic reassessment thereof and streamline information transfer.
The result: process transparency, avoidance of operational risks and increased satisfaction among both employees and the organization's customers.
Due to their modular structure, our solutions given their intuitive and can be adapted to the necessities and specifics of any organization. Moreover, the user-friendly interface, the support services and the training sessions that we offer ensure that our products are easy to use.

The stages of developing an application with us are:

First stage

  • Technical analysis of the existing necessities and the expected results

  • Identifying the optimal solution

  • Elaborating the application’s technical and conceptual specifications

  • Identifying the right design

  • Developing the software system

  • Testing system errors

  • Eliminating system errors

  • Optimizing the system’s functionalities

  • Preparing the system for installation

The second stage

Our mission does not end once the application is installed. To ensure that it consistently delivers an optimal performance and is adjusted to our clients’ operational capacity, we offer a complex maintenance process that involves:
1) immediate elimination of all issues arising in the functioning of the computer system used, and
2) providing expert advice in relation to customer requests.
Furthermore, we are constantly tuned in to our clients’ needs through our support activity. Our support services involve assisting customers in using our applications and helping them include them in their daily activities. This way, we ensure that our solutions are used thoroughly and efficiently.

The third stage

Moreover, in Arhisoft`s portofolio, following the analysis of the domains we have already digitised or are about to digitise, there have been added:
• Configuration of documents related to the implementation of the Anti-Corruption Strategy, as well as
• Configuration of documents related to the implementation of the Personal Data Protection Regulation.
• The development and updating of all job descriptions.
Arhisoft recommends job descriptions models for all jobs from the organisation chart, no matter the category of the public entity to which the beneficiary belongs.
• The development and updating of the statutory documentation.
All documentation is adjusted to the legal requirements and, at the same time, the whole documentation is adjusted according to the specific activities and internal requirements of the respective public organization.
Thus, Arhisoft develops and makes available to the beneficiary a set of rules by means of projects relevant to the entities (for example: rules of organization and operation, internal rules, rules for granting holiday vouchers, etc.)
3. THE ANALYSIS OF REDUCING OPERATING COSTS by optimizing the way of working and making all internal processes more efficient
Arhisoft supports Beneficiaries during the process of monitorizing the individual professional performance. By means of the ”Objectives and Risks” Module it is created the connection between the general and specific objectives with the individual ones through a joint activity Arhisoft – beneficiary, the first one introducing the data and the latter the performance indicators and the targets they tend to achieve. This module is the largest and the most complex one from the list of those already existing within the e-SCIM Solution, being a beneficial source of information for the management.
5. PUBLIC INTERNAL AUDIT (Development of guidelines and best practice manual)
This module aims to automatise the processes carried out by the internal audit, such as:
• Strategic and annual planning;
• Conduct of audit missions;
• Annual reporting regarding the audit activity;
• Quality assurance in the field of internal audit
that is carried out on strict legislation, involving dozens of documents in which, once the data is entered into the system, it will be automatically taken into all existing documents.
Moreover, this module can at any time provide to the management and to any interested persons with the state of implementation of the recommendations made by the internal audit.
At the same time, our organization is to develop guidelines and best practice manual on conducting internal audits in different areas of activity specific to public entities.
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