Since 2013 we have been implementing e-S.C.I.M., the most complex application in Romania dedicated to the Internal Control Management System, that has been developed alongside top specialists in this field.

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Through the dedicated modules of this innovative concept, the operational and management processes of organizations are streamlined and aligned to the international standards of integrated management. The activities and actions of each active department of a public entity are organised according to the appropriate procedures in order to reach the organization’s specific objectives and indicators. Over 250 public institutions have implemented e-S.C.I.M. so far.

Our activity in the Internal Control Management System field is defined by a continuous process of research and innovation. Thus, the Internal Audit Module was created, which allows the automation and optimization of the application, deployment and monitoring of the internal public audit.

Automation and computerization of the internal audit domain, by developing a dedicated module within the e-S.C.I.M. solution platform, will lead to:

– A unitary approach of the Internal Control Management System and Internal Audit, the advantage being that complete and complex results will be generated, leading to a decrease in material and informational losses, and to less subjective interpretations that can result in erroneous measures.

– A considerable reduction of the time dedicated to internal audit missions (especially the part that concerns audit documents and gathering the necessary information), which, in turn, will allow frequent auditing of the activities and processes associated with areas that pose major risks, hence improving activities and encouraging progress at institutional level.

– A decreased need in terms of human, financial, logistic and time resources required to organize and carry out internal audit missions that involve the elaboration of many documents (some of them containing repetitive information), and, instead, using these resources in order to analyze the audited structure.

– Optimizing the visualization of internal audit work by presenting it in a succinct and organized manner, using a modern and intuitive interface that facilitates the monitoring of the measures in place for the implementation of recommendations or of proposals for solutions formulated by internal auditors.

– The possibility of accessing the history of the information generated by the internal audit module and using it to generate graphs that are relevant to the decision-making process.

– Alerting the people responsible for implementing measures that lead to improvements in activities, as a result of past internal audit missions, and highlighting the areas where no adequate actions were taken.

– Facilitating the process of reporting the results of the internal audit activity at national level and that of formulating improvement proposals for it.

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