In an organization we are dealing with an impressive number of independent or interdependent activities and procedures that, in turn, involve hierarchical approvals, from intermediate positions to top management positions, before they can be completed.
To streamline all activities in an organization, Scriptica has automated the entire conduct of internal processes, organizing them step by step according to the structure and responsibilities concerned.

Scriptica – Automated Workflow

An example of an approval workflow automation

For illustrating a process automation, we will analyze how a stationery products purchase classically functions:

  1. Such a process will start, invariably, with a report made by the person appointed with these resposabilities and also an attached request approval for the budget asigned to this activity, addressed to the head of the department.
  2. The head of the department checks both the procurement report and the request for budget approval and either approves them or returns them to the employee for changes.
  3. After obtaining the approval of the head of department, the employee will submit the firm order for the purchase of stationery, according to the purchase report.
  4. As soon as the invoice related to the purchase order is issued, there may occur two distinct situations: either the employee pays the invoice, asking for the amount repayment after filling a cost claim, or the invoice will be send directly to the financial department where a person appointed with these responsabilities will check both the invoice and the purchase order before approving the payment or asking for further clarification or information.

Therefore, a relatively simple process involves connecting multiple people and requires a whole series of approvals, and Scriptica, by automating workflows, transforms such processes into digital stages with simple steps to follow so that organization and optimization become routine, with all signatures or approvals being digitally assigned.

Modern and accessible software

Scriptica has been designed in such a way that, due to its modular structure, it is easy to use and can be adapted to the needs and specifics of any company, whether public or private.

In addition, the user-friendly interface, support services and training sessions offered to customers ensure easy use of this modern application, accessible to any employee who has minimal knowledge of the use of a computer application.

Why Scriptica and why automated workflows?

Scriptica automates workflows for the benefit of customers who want to manage, with maximum efficiency and speed, their well-known processes, already in a predefined algorithm or any other unforeseen situation in the organization’s activity, while also running a logical course to obtain the necessary approvals in the shortest possible time.

Moreover, Scriptica facilitates interdepartmental collaboration and, most importantly, provides third parties with access to documents and information of interest, while also enabling the automation of processes related to interaction between organizations, their beneficiaries/clients and related collaborative organizations. At the same time, due to artificial intelligence, data is easily retrieved from non-editable documents, and information can be stored and reused in other documents.

By Scriptica we mean:

  • Workflow Automation;
  • Automation and monitoring of circuit tasks;
  • Automation and monitoring of circuit documents;
  • Artificial intelligence for fetching and handling content from files operated by Scriptica;
  • Interconnection with other web or executable applications for data and information transfer;
  • Dedicated registry;
  • Dedicated archive;
  • Digital signature;
  • Online payment processor;
  • System reports customizable according to requirements;
  • Access online or by installation on a dedicated server.

In conclusion, Scriptica automates the “steps” that a document or set of documents must pass through with all the information attached, each physical office now becoming a digital office through this application. The resolution time recorded by a document in a department, the person or persons who will operate within the document, where they are expected to arrive, digital signatures, history, or other octopuses are some of the information and functions specific to Scriptica.
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